Plastic waste charge is a victory for the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have long campaigned to reduce plastic waste - and today's announcement in the budget is a major victory.

By Cotswold Liberal Democrats, Nov 22, 2017 3:11

In today's budget, Philip Hammond announced that he would consider charges on single-use plastic items to reduce waste.

It comes following a Liberal Democrat campaign to introduce a charge on disposable coffee cups, to reduce the billions of cups thrown away in the UK each year.

This is a major victory for the Liberal Democrats, who have long been demanding action to tackle plastic waste.

We now need to make sure this consultation leads to real action and isn’t just kicking the cup down the road.

Our environment and wildlife cannot wait any longer for tough measures to reduce plastic debris polluting our rivers, seas and countryside.

Introducing a charge on disposable cups, like the plastic bag charge, could change people’s behaviour and help protect the planet.

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