Theresa May drops plans to snatch free school meals after Lib Dem pressure

Theresa May is reported to have dropped plans to scrap free school lunches for infant pupils from tomorrow's Queen's Speech.

It comes after the Liberal Democrats strongly criticised the Conservatives during the election campaign over the plans which would have deprived 1.7 million children of free school lunches, including 700,000 living in poverty.


Liberal Democrat County Councillor and former Parliamentary candidate for the Cotswolds, Paul Hodgkinson said:

"I'm glad Theresa May has bowed to pressure and agreed not to scrap free school lunches, in the Cotswolds alone there would have been just under 3000 children who would have lost their free school lunches. 

"This is a victory for families across the Cotswolds. Thousands of children living in poverty will now continue to receive a free nutritious meal a day.

"I am proud of the role the Liberal Democrats played in first introducing free school lunches and then protecting them from Theresa May.

“We will now fight to ensure the Conservatives rein back on their plans to extend grammars and reduce school funding.”


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