Calling for your views on plans for a new village at Kemble Airfield

Joe Harris and Paul Hodgkinson

A plan for a new village at Kemble Airfield (Cotswold Airport) has been revealed.

The Commercial Estates Group (CEG) have put forward a proposal that could see up to 2000 homes built at the former RAF base. 

Responding to Cotswold District Council’s draft local plan consultation the group have put forward the site as an alternative to the 2350 homes suggested on the edge of Cirencester. 

In their submission CEG state: “The Kemble Airfield (Cotswold Airport) site is a wholly sustainable, suitable and deliverable alternative to the south of Chesterton site.”

The group suggested three options that could be pursued:

Option 1: Allocate the Kemble Airport site as a direct replacement to the strategic allocation south of Chesterton;

Option 2: Reduce the level of housing proposed on the land south of Chesterton and allocate the residual to the Kemble Airport site e.g. approximately 1,000 new homes on each site; 

Option 3: Same as Option 2, but with the level of greenfield development that is currently proposed around settlements within the Cotswold AONB reduced and reallocated to the Kemble Airport site.

Cllr Joe Harris, Leader of the Lib Dem group at Cotswold District Council and the Mayor of Cirencester has called the plans “an opportunity for the Council's Conservatives to look again at their plans for a massive housing estate in Cirencester.”

He commented saying “Obviously it is still very early days and we’ve don’t have much detail. On the face of it these plans could provide an intriguing alternative to the huge proposed development of 2350 homes on the South West edge of Cirencester.”

He added: “If Cotswold District Council decide to include the site in the Local Plan it is really important that the developers work with local people to try and get the best deal for Kemble and the neighbouring community." 

Paul Hodgkinson, prospective Lib Dem MP for the Cotswolds also commented: “Plans for 2350 houses on the edge of Cirencester are completely unsuitable and the truth is it is easier for the Conservatives to dump them on Cirencester rather than look at all the options.”

“Every option needs to be explored and the developers must work closely with the nearby community to get the best solution. I want to hear people's views.” 

To view CEG submissions please follow this link:

We really want to know your views on the plans for a new village at Kemble Airfield (Cotswold Airport). Please let us know what you think by clicking in this lino.


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