Lib Dem motion to protect local hospital services given cross party support

Cotswold Lib Dem Councillors successfully brought forward a motion last week calling on Gloucestershire’s Clinical Commissioning Group and Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to protect the walk-in services currently provided by the Gloucestershire's two Accident and Emergency departments and seven community hospitals. 

Introduced by Cllr Joe Harris (Cirenester Park) the motion, “Protecting Gloucestershire hospitals’ walk-in-services,” was supported by members from across the political divide.  The motion, which called for Cheltenham’s A&E to be protected, along with services for walk-in-patients at all seven community hospitals, will now go to the Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee for further examination. 

Reflecting on the success, Cllr Joe Harris (Cirencester Park) said: “Local hospitals such as Cirencester and North Cotswold Hospital in Moreton are the beating heart of our communities. It is vital that the county’s health service does not lose sight of this and, as a minimum, retains the current level of service at all nine hospitals.  I was pleased that councillors from all parties spoke so forcefully on this issue, and I look forward to the matter being further discussed at the Council’s Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee.”

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