Lib Dem Council leader confirms future commitment to EU residents

EU residents of the Cotswolds will receive a letter from the leader of Cotswold District Council this week, confirming the council’s commitment to European residents that they remain welcome in the Cotswolds and will continue to be welcomed in the future.


Cotswold District is home to a diverse community of people from across the world. Around 3 per cent of the Cotswold District population is of EU heritage, although the council can only contact those on the open Electoral Register.

With this in mind, the council is publishing the letter for other EU residents in the district to read.

In the letter, Cllr Joe Harris highlights the important roles EU residents play in local communities and businesses. He also provides important advice to EU residents who wish to remain living in the UK, on how to apply for settled or pre-settled status.

Securing settled status will safeguard EU residents’ continued right to live in the United Kingdom and will allow the same access to healthcare, benefits and pensions as they currently have.

Cllr Joe Harris said: "Since the Brexit referendum in 2016 the rights of citizens from other EU member states has been up in the air thanks to the Conservative Government's failure to secure a Brexit outcome. As the Government continues to make a hash of the Brexit process the Lib Dems will do everything we can at the District Council to help provide some certainty for EU citizens, we also continue to campaign to stop Brexit."

Cotswold District Council provides grant funding to and works with Citizens’ Advice Cotswold District, who will assist anyone who requires help with their application, either online, by phone, email, or face-to-face.

Cllr Harris is urging all residents to help spread this message to any family and friends who may be affected to ensure all EU residents may continue living here in the Cotswolds.

Read the full letter here.

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