Jenny Forde

Councillor for Chedworth and the Churn Valley Ward


Jenny has always lived in the area and was born at Cirencester hospital. She attended Kingshill School where her father was a teacher for two decades and her children attend the local primary and state secondary schools. 

All her life she have been brought up with ‘service’ as a watchword for how to live her life.

Jenny worked for the BBC and the National Trust and is also a qualified secondary school teacher so she knows what it is to serve communities and she also knows what it is to make scarce resources go a long way. She knows what it is to treat public money as if it were her own and knows what it is to be driven by principles not profit.

Since being elected in 2015 she's campaigned for better road safety, for more funding for rural schools and delivered affordable housing.

Her priorities for our area are:

  • Improving rural infrastructure - supporting local businesses, farms and the self-employed. In particular, campaigning for road safety, buses and cycling routes.
  • Better environment - people, animals, cyclists, walkers and children should all take priority when it comes to our roads. 
  • Fixing our broken roads - the state of many rural roads is a disgrace and some villages are totally forgotten about, this needs to change!

Tel: 01285 831193

Email: j[email protected]

Council roles and responsibilities:
Cabinet member Health, Wellbeing and Public Safety

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