Paul Hodgkinson challenges Cotswold MP to go full time

6950480-large.jpgThe Conservative MP for the Cotswolds today faced a call to give up his second job outside Parliament.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, has challenged Geoffrey Clifton-Brown to put an end to his substantial second income after new figures show that the MP has earned an average of over £4,000 per day from his second job.

Cllr Hodgkinson throws down the gauntlet by committing to have no earnings outside Parliament if elected this May:

“Serving constituents full time is in my opinion a basic requirement of being an MP. I don’t see how anyone can do the job properly if they are spending time earning substantial amounts elsewhere.”

According to the Parliamentary register of the MP’s declared earnings and interests he has received a total of £164,000 from August 2011 until July 2014 from earnings outside Westminster. This was for a total of 105 days work, or 626 hours. Mr Clifton-Brown’s average rate over this period was £4,450 per day or £742 per hour.

The register states that the MP is a partner in East Peckham partnership, which is engaged in arable farming in Norfolk.

Cllr Hodgkinson commented:

“There are so many things which need addressing locally – protecting our unique countryside, getting decent roads and services like phone coverage and fast broadband to name but some. To stand up for the Cotswolds on these issues demands total focus and if I am elected as MP in May I will be full time. I will close down my business and will take no other income from work outside Parliament. As a matter of principle I will be a full time MP concentrating only on that role and nothing else.

“I have challenged Mr Clifton-Brown to commit to taking no further earnings from outside Parliament but he declined. Now that these latest figures have been published I ask him again - will he follow my lead in agreeing to being a full time MP?”

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has been the MP for the Cotswolds since 1992 and featured prominently in the expenses scandal in 2009 when he ‘flipped’ his £3 million home in Daglingworth. 

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