Cotswold one of the worst areas in England for social mobility

A report published today has listed the Cotswolds as one of the worst areas in the country for social mobility amongst young people.


According to the State of the Nation report from the Social Mobility Commission, their educational and career prospects are too often limited from the outset.

The report ranks all 324 local authorities in England in terms of the life chances of someone born into a disadvantaged background and it debunks the notion of a simple North-South divide.

The overall rank for local authroity areas found Cotswold was 268 out of 324 but when it looked specifically at young people Cotswold District scored the second worst in England.

The report explains that wealthy areas can see high levels of low pay, with poorer young people at risk of being "somewhat neglected", particularly if they are scattered around isolated rural schools.
Furthermore it was found that there was “no direct correlation between the affluence of an area and its ability to sustain high levels of social mobility”.

Recommendations include:

  • all councils to develop a strategy for boosting disadvantaged children's prospects
  • all councils to pay the living wage
  • greater efforts to attract teachers to poorer regions
  • struggling schools to develop partnerships with successful schools to boost attainment
  • fairer transport funding, including transport subsidies for poor young people in rural areas
  • working with local enterprise partnerships in order to imporove careers support for young people by facilitating greater cooperation between employers, schools and colleges
  • lobying government to develop education and skill policies to better support disadvantaged young people in isolated areas

Councillor Joe Harris (LD, St Michael’s Ward), Lib Dem Leader on Cotswold District Council said:

“The Cotswolds is a great place to live, work and visit but this report highlights and reinforces the very real challenges facing people from poorer backgrounds, everyone who lives here should have the right to stay here without getting poorer for it, they should also have the oppertunity to find education, employment and training so they can get on in life and play a full part in our community.”

“This is a really concerning report and highlights that all organisations, need to do much more in order to improve social mobility for people in the Cotswolds, espeically young people.”

“The District Council should be taking a leading role in this and should be playing a greater role in economic development in the area. There are clear reccomendations that the Council can impliment now such as ensuring all staff are paid the living wage, working with GCC to develop a strategy to help disadvantaged children and young people and to take more of a role in improving public transport for people.”

“We’ve got big challenges in the Cotswolds that need tacking head on, the Conservatives have been running the District Council for neary 15 years and haven’t done this, if they won’t going forward then Liberal Democrats will.”


The report can be found by clicking here.

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