Clive Webster


Clive grew up in Moreton and went to school at St David's, where his Mum Yvonne is Chair of Governors. He headed to Campden School before moving to London for university.

He moved back home a few years ago to help care for his Dad and recently secured planning permission for his own home – a 2-bed eco-cottage made from straw bales.

Clive thinks it should be easier for everyone that grew up here to live in Moreton. He joined the local Neighbourhood Development Plan group and then Moreton Town Council to try and change things for the better. 

His priorities are:
  • Providing housing that meets local needs and is fit for the future
  • Increasing the number of jobs in our area that inspire our children and allow more of us to walk to work
  • Using all the tools of the District Council to reduce parking and traffic concerns

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone:01608 651448

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