Claire Bloomer

Councillor for Cirencester New Mills


Claire has lived in Cirencester since she was 15 after moving from Nottinghamshire. She lives with her husband Jethro and has raised her four children here.

She is self-employed and became a Cirencester Town Councillor for New Mills Ward in 2017.

Claire gets stuck into community events such as the Phoenix Festival and Cirencester Advent Festival and has been involved with Cirencester Community Development trust.

Her priorities for New Mills Ward are:

Upgrading the Tesco roundabout - the roundabout is dangerous to pull out onto, Claire is pleased that some changes have been promised but will campaign to make sure these happen ASAP.

Better bus services - Conservative cuts have decimated public transport in our area making it hard for elderly and young people to get around. Claire wants the District Council to start supporting local bus services.

The “Chesterton Development” - will have a long-term significant impact on Cirencester. Claire has had many conversations with those who objected to the development - and us keen to represent these views - as well as ensuring the best possible outcome as development progresses.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07834 358685

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