Gary gets stuck in to repaint underpass

Councillor Gary Selwyn recently repainted the underpass by Fairfax Road to remove the graffiti. This time it was a solo effort, but the Watermoor Community Group (which he is secretary of) often help out too.


As the underpass is well-used and often has children walking through, Gary and the community group got tied of waiting for the Conservative-run County Council to help and decided to take action themselves.

Both underpasses in Watermoor now get repainted at least every year, Gary is now working on getting the lights replaced that don’t work.

Cllr Shane Poole, who is the Town Councillor for Watermoor said: “The Community Group is a great way to help improve the local area. If you would like to come along to one of the meetings please get in touch with us.”

“If you know of somewhere in the town that needs smartening up please get in touch with the Cirencester Lib Dem team.

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