Lib Dems slam public health budget cuts in the Cotswolds

Figures released last week by the Department for Health shows the Conservative Government is planning a £1,546,000 cut to the public health budget in Gloucestershire. The budget pays to help improve people's health so there is less pressure on the NHS. 

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Special Council meeting secured to discuss South Cerney waste site

The Liberal Democrats on Cotswold District Council (CDC) have been successful in ensuring a special Council meeting will be held to discuss the suitability of South Cerney as a home for an expanded waste vehicle depot.

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Lib Dem dismay at waste depot planning breach

Liberal Democrat Councillors in the Cotswolds have reacted with concern at news that the waste company SITA have been operating unlawfully at the firm’s waste depot site in South Cerney for over ten years.

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Tim Farron elected as leader of the Liberal Democrats

Watch Tim Farron's fantastic first speech as Leader of the Liberal Democrats below.




All ears for better phone coverage in Gloucestershire

A call is being made to improve mobile phone coverage across the county. The issue will be discussed at a County Council meeting next Wednesday at Shire Hall.

Shadow Cabinet Member for Finance & Change and recently appointed Chair of the Gloucestershire Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee, Cllr. Paul Hodgkinson will call for an investigation on how mobile phone companies can provide better coverage in Gloucestershire. 

Cllr. Hodgkinson said: “There are many black holes across the county in so many villages and even towns where there is little or even worse no mobile coverage.

“If you live in an isolated village or travel on quiet roads you want some reassurance that you can contact someone easily.

“Better mobile coverage not only adds to personal security but is also an essential pre-requisite for running a business from home. There are many small businesses based in our villages and they require easy communication.”

“As I travel around my own district in the Cotswolds there are only two areas I can get a 3G or 4G signal – around Tetbury and Cirencester. In lots of other places people would be happy with 1G let alone anything else!

Cllr. Joe Harris who will be supporting calls for better phone coverage also said that:

Residents and businesses across the county should be getting the service that they rightly deserve. It is for the mobile phone operators to start listening to people’s frustrations and get on with providing good and reliable coverage.

“Calling for better mobile phone coverage goes hand in hand with calling for personal security something that really must be taken seriously by those operators across Gloucestershire”.

Votes at 16

Do you back our campaign to give young people the vote?

Here's a statement from Cllr Paul Hodgkinson about giving 16 and 17 year olds the right to have their say:

"We need to stop denying our young people their rights.

I regularly meet lots of young people in the Cotswolds. They’re passionate about such a wide range of issues - from the cost of local buses and their education, to climate change and international affairs.

The time has now come to give 16 and 17-year-olds a say on the issues that affect their lives.

We often hear people say they don’t understand politics. But this can’t be said of the younger generation, who are the first to receive a proper education in citizenship and democracy.

They understand what’s at stake. We’re teaching them how to be a full and active citizen but not letting them take part.

Most of us are quite happy to allow a 16 year old to serve us in a shop or to help protect us in the Army. We allow them to get married, have sex, pay taxes and drive cars.

Yet we are stopping them from having a say in how their taxes are spent or what direction our country goes in. Imagine how frustrated and angry you’d be if you were denied the same rights.

In the next two years we are going to decide whether Britain stay or leaves in the EU. This decision matters – it matters to our jobs and prosperity, and its impact will be felt for decades.

It would be so wrong to prevent those young people in the Cotswolds whose future we are talking about from having a say in this decision.

Last year, 16 and 17 year olds were allowed for the first time to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum. Three-quarters of them did.

This proves young people can and will engage when given the opportunity. That’s why I am pleased Liberal Democrat MPs voted to amend the bill on the EU referendum to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote.

Liberal Democrats have actively supported changing the law on this issue for over ten years. Now there is growing support throughout Parliament and the Conservative Government must listen to us and stop denying young people a voice.

If you support this, please sign our petition:

Improving the Corner of Watermoor Road


Cllr Jenny Hincks, Members of the Watermoor Community Group and the staff of Kwikfit Cirencester making the corner of Watermoor Road a nicer place for people to sit. The area is still under improvement with a new surface being laid, trees and seats being installed before the area can be fully reopened.



Our contact details have changed!

Our contact details have changed as of Friday 19 June, including our correspondence address and email.

You can find out how to get in touch with us at

Call for Integrated Multi-Agency Approach toTackling Mental Health

A profile giving a picture of people’s health in Gloucestershire produced by Public Health England at the beginning of this month (June 2015) shows a county that is healthier than the England average, with life expectancy for both men and women higher than the national average.However figures in the report also show concerns over the county’s suicide rate and high levels of hospital stays for self-harm.

The newly appointed Liberal Democrat Chair for the County Council’s Health & Care Scrutiny Committee and county party Spokesperson for Public Health, Cllr. Iain Dobie (Leckhampton and Warden Hill) commented:

“We may well be healthier as a county, but it is deeply concerning that the figures in terms of the suicide rate and hospital stays for self-harm are rated 'significantly worse' than the national average.

“A high suicide rate and high levels of hospital stays for self-harm is indicative of a much greater need for our health agencies to work together in improving mental health across the county not just for adults, but children and young people too.

“I was delighted that an additional £450K was subsequently secured by the Liberal Democrats in the budget settlement for use over 2014-16 to help develop ways to tackle the issue of deliberate self-harm in young people through promoting emotional resilience. A multi-agency approach has been adopted to improve outcomes for young people. I am keen to see what other measures of effectiveness will be put in place this year and for us to start seeing a reduction in the number of young people who self-harm. Early intervention is the key to heading off longer term problems."

In February 2014, the Liberal Democrats on Gloucestershire County Council called for an additional investment from the Public Health Budget to reduce the rising numbers of Gloucestershire children and young people who deliberately hurt themselves.

Faster broadband for the Cotswolds

Following on from the first rollout of faster broadband to some Cotswold towns and villages, the County Council has now announced a second phase.

Speaking to journalists following the announcement of new faster internet provision for some 6000 houses in the district, Cllr Paul Hodgkinson welcomed the news but criticised the plans for not going far enough:

“...It means that quite a lot of people will still miss out on what is now an essential service in the 21st century. I was in Greece recently where even in the remotest areas there was  a 4G phone signal and fast broadband – if they can do it so can we! 

"I will continue to fight for every house to get access to a better service.”

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